Tankless Water Heater Reviews

Now is the right moment to go tankless when it comes to your water heater. New tankless water heaters are sophisticated, come with amazing features and they are capable of meeting even the most demanding requirements. Tankless Water Heater Reviews you will see later are of the new models which are the most popular and commonly offer the highest satisfaction rate among their owners. But, before that, there are a lot of additional facts you should know.

Features Specifications Rating
9.5 gallons per minute 18.5 x 9.8 x 27.5 inches
More Details
Bosch PowerStar AE-125
Bosch PowerStar AE-125
4.0 gallons per minute 4.2 x 15.2 x 15.5 inches
More Details
Rheem RTEX-13
Rheem RTEX-13
1.5 gallons per minute 4 x 9 x 13 inches
More Details
Atmor ThermoPro Series
Atmor ThermoPro Series
5.1 gallons per minute 17.4 x 5.2 x 13.4 inches
More Details
Dltsli 3 Power Levels
Dltsli 3 Power Levels
0.3 gallons per minute 13.9 x 7.6 x 5.8 inches
More Details

5 Best Tankless Water Heaters

Rheem RTGH-95DVLN 9.5 GPM Indoor Direct Vent Tankless Natural Gas Water Heater

Rheem RTGH-95DVLNTankless Water Heater Reviews of this unit are more than just positive. It is a high-end model, which is capable of providing up to 9.5 gallons per minute. This is the impressive result and as such, it is the first model on our list. Yes, the price is high, but keep in mind that you will get a water heater which is 94% efficient. It has been based on the latest technology and comes with the latest features. The overall quality is outstanding, so we can add that this unit is reserved for all of you who want the best product of this type.

When it comes to materials, you also get the best ones. The case and the heater are made of stainless steel. Inside we have copper and brass. All of this, combined means that the unit is durable, sophisticated and extremely long-lasting. Thanks to the high GPM rate, it is also suitable for colder climates. In addition, you get all needed components in order to install the unit. We also liked the self-diagnosing system which makes maintenance simpler and the installation.

At the end, we only can say that this is the best model on the market right now. It can meet the demands of the most demanding users and it will last for 10-15 years without any issue. Maybe we should add the facts that it has been designed and made by one of the best brands in the world and it comes with all safety features that have ever been implemented into a tankless water heater.



  • Gallons per minute of water flow
  • Instant hot water
  • 94% efficient
  • Stainless steel components



  • Expensive
  • Obsolete design


Bosch Electric Tankless Water Heater

Bosch PowerStar AE-125Bosch makes some of the best products in the world. This one here isn’t any different. It is simply the best, small and convenient tankless water heater you can get at the moment. Yes, the water flow is 0.7 GPM, but keep in mind that it has been designed for simple usages. Overall, the unit is suitable to power a single faucet and the primary purpose is kitchen installation. Here we can see another benefit of the unit. It is extremely small, therefore the installation is simple and it won’t occupy plenty of space.

Now the energy efficiency. This unit has been rated as the best when it comes to this factor. Believe or not, it is 98% energy efficient, which is simply superb. In addition, it comes available in different versions, with a higher and lower water flow. On the test, we used 12 kW model, but you can get the biggest version of 26.9 kW. It provides much more or hot water but it shares the same design and other characteristics. Of course, all versions are 98% energy efficient. Just imagine how much money you will be saving per a month.

The installation is one of the simplest we have encountered. Thanks to an impressive user manual, you will definitely be able to install the unit all by yourself. Of course, you will need some time, but in general, there are no major complications or issues which will have to be solved. Furthermore, the dimensions are smaller than usual, so we must add that this particular model occupies less space than most other, equivalent tankless water heaters.



  • Small dimensions
  • Value for money
  • 98% energy efficient
  • Available in different versions



  • Flow rate
  • Lack of exterior display


Rheem RTEX-13 240V Heating Chamber Residential Tankless Water Heater

Rheem RTEX-13You probably have heard so many times for this manufacturer. The explanation is actually very simple. It has been one of the best brands when it comes to water heaters. As such, the model we have here offers a lot. In reality, it is 99.8% energy efficient and it comes with great features. Yes, the efficiency is the main advantage and it is also one of the best when it comes to this factor. That’s why so many users have chosen this model over some others and that’s why we rated it high on the list.

When it comes to the water flow rate it is 1.5 gallons per minute, which is a decent rate, especially if you know that this model has 13 kW of power. But, it also comes with a self-modulating technology. If you recall, we have explained that this technology uses the lowest amount of energy at any given moment in order to heat up water. That’s why the impressive energy efficiency is possible.

Overall, the unit comes with a great design and simple installation. The manufacturer claims that an average homeowner will need around 40 minutes to install it. We did it in 30 minutes, but for most of you, more time will be needed. Sadly, this model isn’t available in more powerful versions, which is the biggest drawback.



  • 8% energy efficient
  • Massive savings
  • Affordable
  • Self-modulating technology



  • Isn’t available in different versions
  • Poor customer support


27kW/240V Electric Tankless Water Heater, 5.1GPM 112.3 Amps, ThermoPro Series with Digital Thermostatic Control

Atmor ThermoPro SeriesAnd now we have another tankless water heater which deserves your attention. The model here comes from pro series, so we expect a lot from it. As such, we actually got impressive results. The water flow rate is 2.2GPM. Besides that, you also get a high-quality construction and 50% energy savings. After all, this unit is designed to be one of the best tankless water heaters on the market. What else can we add? Well, it is made to last, it offers great savings and it is also made by a great manufacturer with a great customer support and even better warranty.

Keep in mind that this unit is available in different versions. We have used the most powerful one, but there are other models, with a lower kW than this one. Of course, they offer a lower flow rate and come at a lower price. The unit in question provides a temperature rise of 90-135 degrees. It also offers a digital display which is more than just appealing, although look a bit obsolete. Temperature control dial is easy to use and very convenient.

At the end of a day, you are going to appreciate this model. It has it all you are going to need and something more. We liked it and it performed well on all our tests. Installation is a bit more complicated than usual, but this is the only, severe downside of the model we have tested.



  • Great quality
  • 50% energy savings
  • Water flow rate
  • Available in different versions



  • Obsolete display
  • Complicated installation


240V 5.5KW 3 Power Levels Instant Electric Hot Tankless Water Heater + Shower Head for Bathroom Kitchen

Dltsli 3 Power LevelsHere is one of the smallest and the most interesting tankless water heaters we have tested. As you can see, it is designed for a single shower or a faucet. The ideal place where it has to be installed is indoor, but it can be installed anywhere you want. Simplicity is the main advantage of the model in question. It is small, compact and offers all essential features you are going to need.

We especially liked the fact it comes with a showerhead and all additional components needed for the installation. When we are discussing this topic, we must add that the installation is one of the simplest we discovered until now. Keep in mind that it offers 3 different levels and also 10 different temperature settings. For warm places, this is an ideal water heater to use. It simply has it all.

The display is actually better than some, more expensive units have. It offers great visibility and it is easy to adjust the temperature. Other facts we must add are great warranty and even better customer support. We were thrilled with the unit and how it performed on our tests. The bottom line is to remember that this is a small tankless water heater designed for minor applications. In a nutshell, it is great for showers and small homes. The only drawbacks is the fact it cannot meet the demands when multiple sources have been used.



  • Small and simple
  • Easy installation (all essential parts come in the package)
  • Sophisticated and modern display
  • Decent performances considering the price of the tankless water heater



  • Cannot meet the multiple sources demand
  • Poor quality valves


Benefits and Advantages Tankless Water Heaters Have to Offer

Tankless Water Heater Reviews


Believe or not, tankless water heaters are better in so many ways compared to conventional models. First of all, they are smaller, but they are also capable to meet your demands for hot water. We actually compared tankless water heaters with conventional ones and we liked what we discovered. Tankless versions are better almost in any possible way and they don’t have drawbacks as conventional models have.

One of the main reasons why so many people like these water heaters is the fact they will provide a $300 federal rebate. Other units don’t offer this advantage. Of course, keep in mind that this doesn’t refer to all models, so you will have to choose carefully.

We mentioned that the size or better said small dimensions is another advantage. Almost all electric tankless water heaters can be installed anywhere you want. Some are so small that they can be installed in a cabinet. Others are suitable for wall and floor installation, so they can offer you more space than conventional models. In addition, some units can save up to 12 cubic feet of space, but provide the same results as tank water heaters.

When you use a conventional, tank water heater, you will probably run out of hot water at some point. It is a huge issue and it is definitely annoying. Well, tankless models don’t have this drawback. They work on a completely different principle. Basically, the water is heated as it passes through a water heater, so you always have a constant source of hot water. Keep in mind that water flow rating is important in this case and it is probably one of the main factors to consider.

Now the durability. As we all know, water heaters are not precisely cheap. As such, you will want a unit which will last as long as possible. Tank models are durable, but tankless are much better. In reality, they can last up to 10 years longer than tank units. This is a massive saving over time and they usually require little or no maintenance at all. There won’t be issues with heaters inside them, simply because tankless models have different heaters which are more durable than usual.

A conventional water heater will heat the water, then when it cools down it will heat it again and again. All of this means that it will use a lot of electricity to operate. On the other hand we have tankless models which use only the amount of electricity which is needed to heat up water at that particular moment. Let’s take for example this scenario. You are away for a few days but your water heater (tank unit) is turned on. It will use a huge amount of electricity to maintain the water hot. On the other hand, we have a tankless unit which won’t use electricity until you turn on the water. Now you can understand how efficient tankless models are.

They are energy efficient as well. As a matter of fact, some units can save up to 60% on energy. But, this number is reserved for high-end models. In most cases, you can expect between 20% and 30% of savings. Pay a close attention to this factor and you will get the massive savings as long as you use these water heaters.

There are two types of tankless water heaters. Some use natural gas and others use electricity. Both of them have pros and cons. For example, electric models are easier to install, more affordable and they last longer. They also don’t emit greenhouse gasses, so they are the most environmentally friendly alternative at this moment. Gas-powered models are more expensive but they offer better savings. Also, they can be installed outdoors, so they won’t occupy space inside a house. It is up to you to choose which type you actually need.

Now the simplicity of remote controlling. Almost all models come with remote controllers which have up to 4 settings. As such, you don’t have to reach them all the time to adjust the temperature. All you have to do is to press a button on a remote controller and the temperature will be automatically adjusted.

Most of them come with displays where you can monitor the exact temperature. Yes, tank models have them as well, but these displays are far more accurate. They provide readings within 1 degree Fahrenheit, so you can imagine how accurate they are.

One of the most important benefits is the safety regarding floods. If or better said when a tank is damaged, it will release all the water out of it to the bathroom or where a water heater is located. If we know that some units hold up to 60 gallons of water, you can imagine how severe the flood will be. Tankless water heaters don’t have this problem. They never leak and most of them come with a safety feature which will detect leakage and turn off the water heater, preventing further leakage immediately. Obviously, they don’t have tanks, so risk of the flood doesn’t even exist.

In a nutshell, tankless water heaters are more sophisticated, they last longer and they are more durable than any other type of a water heater. Yes, they were more than just expensive, but nowadays we have more and more affordable models on the market.

Factors to Consider When Buying Tankless Water Heater

tankless water heater energy efficient

There are a lot of factors which should be on your list before you decide and get one tankless water heater. But, which factors are the most important? We will include the main ones below. Keep in mind that all of them are important, but some can make a true difference. If you are planning to purchase a water heater which will last for years and be frequently used, we advise you to pay a close attention to all factors below.


GPM stands for gallons per minute and it refers to the water flow rating of a water heater. When it comes to the tankless water heaters, this factor is more than just important. Keep in mind that they heat up water as it passes through the water heater, so water flow rate is the main factor to consider. The range starts at 1 GPM but may reach 10 GPM. Yes, the higher rate is better, but it also makes the unit more expensive and suitable for more demanding users and purposes. Commercial tankless water heaters usually have a water flow rate of 10 GPM.

Electricity or gas

Are Electric or Gas Water Heaters More Efficient?

What will your new tankless water heater use to heat up water? There are two versions or better said two types. Some use gas, others use electricity. Those that use electricity are more affordable, easier to install and last longer. But they offer lower savings. Those that run on gas are more efficient, more advanced and offer a higher water flow rate. But, they do require a complicated installation which cannot be completed by a house owner.


Size is a crucial factor to consider if you have decided where you want to install the unit. Some of them are very small, so they can be installed under a sink or in a cabinet. Others are bigger, so they require more space for installation. In this factor, you should include the wall and floor installation capabilities. Those models are the most desirable, simply due to the fact they are easy to install and convenient. Of course, not all of them come with this feature, so look for it if you are planning to install the unit on a floor or a wall.


How complicated is the installation? We already mentioned that gas-powered units are more complicated to install than electric alternatives. But, all of them do require some level of knowledge to be installed. Some models do come with labor included in the warranty, but most of them don’t. In addition, you can use user manual and online help to get an idea how to install a tankless water heater, but it may still be difficult for you.


Because these units are not very cheap, a warranty has a huge overall importance. Usually, it ranges between 5 and 12 years, but this refers to the heat exchanger. Parts have 2-5 years warranty, which is significantly shorter. Try to remember that all of them come with great warranties, but there are plenty of differences here. All you have to know is that the longer the warranty, the better.


Make sure that all the valves are included in the package. Otherwise, you will have to purchase them additionally, which isn’t a smart decision. Also, make sure that they are made of brass rather than plastics. Those made from plastics are delicate and sensitive, so they are not durable.

Safety features

There are plenty of safety features which should be taken into account. Some of them will prevent fires, others will eliminate the risk of freezing and etc. They are great to consider if you are looking for a heavy-duty unit.


How efficient or better said how much money you can save on energy bill per a month is important. The figures range between 15 and 60%. Usually, gas models offer better savings. However, new electric models offer great savings as well. Some can even be equivalent to gas-powered models when it comes to this factor.

Digital temperature control

This is a small system which is used to reveal what is the accurate temperature of the water at that particular moment. These systems are accurate as well, due to the fact they are based on the latest technology. Almost all new models have this system, so it isn’t difficult to get one which does support it.


Make sure that the tankless water heater you want to purchase comes made from high-quality materials. Pay special attention to the stainless steel, copper, and brass. All of these materials can withstand years of use and they are resistant to corrosion. Of course, we mean that these materials should be used for inner components. The exterior of the case material is irrelevant.

Self-modulating technology

This is one of the newest technologies which appeared in the world of tankless water heaters. It can be easily explained as a system which uses the lowest amount of energy at any given moment to heat up water. Those units are far more affordable and they last longer. Also, they are more appealing to the owners due to just mentioned reason. Sadly, not all units come with this system. Also, in some cases, it is known as other technology, but it does the same thing.


Why is climate important? Basically, the temperature will affect the tankless water heater performances. If you live in an area where temperatures are low, you will need a unit with a higher water flow. If you live in an area where temperatures are higher, you will need a model with a lower water flow.

Display on the unit

Obviously, we don’t have to explain this factor, but it is important. You definitely want to have a display on your tankless water heater. At any given moment you can check the accurate water temperature and adjust it if needed. All high-end units come with this feature, so we can understand how important it is. In addition, it also makes a unit more appealing and makes it look nice.


All tankless hot water heater reviews you can see here are the models which offer the best results among all models on the market. In addition, each model is great to use for multiple purposes. We also liked the fact each unit from the list is great value for the money. Now is your turn to find the best model for your purpose. That’s why we presented you with the affordable and high-end tankless water heaters. It is up to you to choose the one you actually prefer. Let’s just add that each one is the best in its own class.

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